We are constantly expanding our skills and knowledge in all areas of dentistry by our participation in continuing education programs. Enhancing our skills enables us to offer you the best, most modern techniques for repairing decayed, broken or missing teeth, relieving pain and restoring your smile.

Incorporating digital radiography, intraoral cameras, 3D scanners and specialized dental practice software. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art computer and dental equipment allowing us to offer you the best dental service.

CEREC Scanner

Dr. Evans is extremely proud to introduce the latest technology in dental scanning to his patients. The innovative CEREC scanner allows crown preps to be scanned to create a virtual model of the teeth. These procedures and materials are outstanding and precise, practically restoring the tooth back to its original form. The best part of our in-house scanning is that we can often eliminate the need for taking impressions, resulting in a faster turnaround time and more pleasant patient experience. This has greatly improved the precision of our restorations.

Dental Ceramics

The new zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate ceramics feature both beauty and strength. We can now create extremely lifelike restorations for any tooth using non-metallic materials that resemble the enamel found in natural teeth. The result is a beautiful dental restoration that looks, feels, and functions like a new tooth.

Pain-Free Dentistry

We know that many patients experience anxiety or fear in anticipation of dental work, but newer anesthetics are very effective in allowing us to create a pain-free experience. Since different locations of the mouth require different methods to administer anesthesia effectively, we use a combination of topical oral gels, oral medications, and yes, painless injections, to help our patients achieve maximum comfort and relaxation during their dental procedures.

We are using buffered anesthetics as this takes the sting out of the injection. It also makes the onset of the anesthesia faster and more effective.

New Composite Resin Fillings

The procedures for completing tooth fillings have improved dramatically in recent years. Today, as a result of using innovative composite materials to fill and restore damaged areas, patients experience superior aesthetic results with reduced treatment time and less sensitivity.

Unlike their metallic predecessors, modern tooth fillings utilize composite resins that allow Dr. Evans to blend shades to create a color almost identical to your original teeth, making them nearly undetectable.This simple process, which bonds composite materials to the tooth, offers precise, durable, and beautiful results.

Edodontic Technology

We now use the new smart rotary nickel titanium files for fast and more efficient preparation.

We also use the newest tools on length determination using apex locators reducing x-ray exposure.

Sterilization Procedures For Your Protection
  • All instruments are processed through hospital class steam autoclaves for your protection and safety.
  • Our autoclaves are checked monthly by The University of Louisville for effective sterilization.
  • Anything used in a procedure is either thrown away or autoclaved.
  • Our individual x-ray equipment is fully digital for minimal exposure and maximum diagnostic accuracy.
  • OSHA protocol is enforced in all areas for safety and protection.