KOR Teeth Whitening


When a patient tells us that they want to get a dramatically whiter smile as quickly as possible, we know we can give them exactly what they want using KOR Teeth Whitening. With this treatment, we can break up and eliminate years of stains in just about an hour, giving a patient the kind of smile that lights up their face in no time.

When compared to other professional teeth whitening methods, KOR simply has it all. It is specially designed to eliminate extrinsic stains (those on the outside of your teeth) as well as intrinsic stains (those located deep within the enamel), which is something other systems simply can’t do.

Also, it is able to do this while not making your teeth more sensitive, which is an extremely common side effect of most teeth whitening treatments. Thanks to KOR, we can give you the whitest smile possible while preserving your teeth’s health and strength, giving you the best of everything with just one treatment.

If your smile is looking a bit dull, yellow, or discolored lately, contact our office today and ask about KOR Teeth Whitening!